What are you doing with YOUR white privilege?


Become a social activist with me because we need to:

  • Eliminate unfair advantage that promotes fear and hate
  • Secure equal human rights… for whom? everyone!

The groups of people that I am morally convicted to advocate for first are:

  • Black people
  • Women
  • Muslims
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community

EVERYONE should be treated with equal respect by everyone else!   

I have been supporting equality all my life with my votes, monetary donations, social media likes and shares, using more minority-owned businesses, voicing opinions with people I meet, and by stepping in to intervene in situations I have encountered in person.

I recently became compelled to do more!  Since the Spring of 2018 I have stepped up the amount of time, energy and effort that I spend on this cause sharing the truth about inequality and prejudice daily.

I have even become the creator of new online resources that include original content intended to encourage those who are already fighting for equality and to inspire others to abandon their passive positions and step up their activity to help fight this fight.


  • Because NOTHING could be more important!
  • Because people are SUFFERING!
  • Because as an intelligent white adult female spiritual being, I can no longer simply know what is right and passively support other people’s fight for equal rights. I take equality abuses personally now and will not stand idly by while they keep happening.  My hope is that hearing the messages (that minorities have been saying all along) come out of my white mouth will encourage more white people to wake up and use their power to make the world safe and fair for everyone, not just white male Christians!

What is my strategy?

  • Find out the truth about ordinary people. (I have lost much faith in the news media’s ability to promote the truth because of the current culture of “fake news” and the blatant spin of lies that has become so obvious since the start of the Trump administration. I just don’t get the impression either side is getting the truth to their
  • Befriend as many people unlike myself as I can to prevent myself from believing in stereotypes because of a lack of firsthand information.
  • Discover new effective ways to convince as many white people as possible that they need to accept and admit that there is a serious equality problem that must be made right.


  • Learn more every day about prejudice and injustice from the past and in the present.
  • Write about what I am learning about prejudice and unfair treatment in this
  • Access the most people possible through social media.
  • Create a YouTube channel called Privilege & Prejudice: Nurturing a New Normal, where I manage an ever-growing collection of videos relevant to the prejudice problem, such as:
    • Instances of historical and current examples of human rights violations based on prejudice.
    • Celebration of the cultural and physical differences of human beings so that people in the groups represented and white fighters like me are inspired to keep working hard toward a just country and world.
    • Talk one-on-one with people to find out how prejudice impacts their daily lives and record short videos of them sharing their thoughts and experiences about prejudice and discrimination to serve as a resource of the Truth about what ordinary people experience on a regular basis.

Where do YOU come in?

  • Please forward to me any social media posts that you think will help people discern the Truth.
  • If there is anything YOU would like to make sure gets included in my new library of original voices, please let me know.  To find out how to schedule a taping, please see the section called “How can YOU share YOUR thoughts/ideas/memories about prejudice?”


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