Racial PROGRESS in St. Louis! But is Wesley Bell Black Enough?

PROGRESS! The St. Louis Prosecutor who let Michael Brown’s killer walk free loses his seat to Black City Council Member Wesley Bell. But is he black enough? Please see what I have to say below the article about the election:


I noticed that there is a wide division of perspective among black commenters regarding some successful black people. It seems that when a successful black person appears to conform too much to a style considered “white,” part of the black community feels betrayed and wants to reject them. I appreciate that. Black culture is beautiful and worthwhile and should be respected and celebrated without being diluted by any other culture’s style; however, we all know ignorant white people feel threatened by black culture (by most everything different from what they are used to.)

Here is what I also see: If enough black people that don’t always project 100% black culture get elected to positions of authority, don’t you think they will eventually stand together to represent black people the way Black people deserve to be represented? I do. As soon as enough black people are elected, regardless of their personal style, they WILL realize they finally have enough collective power to do what is right and ensure that people who do express 100% black culture in their lives are respected and protected as equals in society. That’s what government representation is all about.

Sometimes you can’t get from A to B in one step no matter how important B is. I respect some people’s impatience about this because true equality should have happened long ago, but electing people of color to positions of authority will always still be progress. We WILL get there. After all, did you expect a white person to post this at all?

Please share YOUR thoughts!

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