A Conflicted Empathetic Meat-Lover

Here is where I struggle to take the high road. I am a carnivore who feels guilty, so I make myself watch a video like this every once in a while to remember where it comes from. Don’t worry, it isn’t horrific slaughterhouse footage! It’s a social experiment to give carnivores a jolt. I would be a perfect subject.

You see… once you embrace the idea that one human group deserves freedom that they are being denied, if you really open your heart to that cause, you soon recognize that other groups fighting for equal rights and respect deserve it just as much. That snowballs until you feel warm fuzzy love for every person you meet. Then your sympathy rushes out to support the animals and you flatten your face on the brick wall that is your being a carnivore. Oops! That’s why I am a GUILTY carnivore. I am a conflicted empathetic meat-lover.

Perhaps that is similar to when sometimes a strong religious conviction makes one minority that is terribly judged to be prejudiced against another minority that is terribly judged for different reasons.

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