A Homeless Man Talks about Refugee Benefits

Here is The Prejudice Project’s latest video on its YouTube channel is called “Privilege and Prejudice: Nurturing a New Normal.”

After shooting this video my husband and I bought Kishon a meal. I wanted him to feel heard and cared about, which is why I didn’t point out that social services for homeless Americans is not the same program that helps refugees from other countries get established when they come here. Refugees are not undermining his ability to find help. I do wish I had thought to tell him to call 211, though, to connect with agencies that can help him.

If you are in crisis in the US or Canada, call 211 (or go to 211.org) for free and confidential help finding affordable housing, paying for utilities, getting health care, or finding employment. This service also has access to special resources for anyone who is homeless, living in an abusive or unsafe environment, caught in a human trafficking situation where you are being used or abused, or if you are a veteran or trying to re-enter society after being released from prison. There really IS help for you out there.

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